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A few years back I discovered the Graves story while in the Adriondacks in upstate New York (where Doctor Graves first met Mrs. Barnaby socially at the Prospect House in Blue Mountain Lake) and pursued it back in my home town of Denver. I must say that my own opinion, after reading quite a lot, including hundreds of newspaper articles, many books, and the Colorado Appellate Court decision, is that Dr. Graves was as likely not guilty as guilty. We'll never know, of course, but to say that the circumstantial evidence was 'unimpeachable' is uninformed. I also was in contact with Barnaby Conrad who wrote A Revolting Transaction; he is the victim's grandson and did not seem too convinced of Dr. Graves' guilt either. An interesting sidenote is that he (Mr. Conrad) is married to a woman who is directly related to the Fall River Bordens, surely making them the most prominent historical couple of 1890's U.S. murder trials anyplace. That's my two cents on this very fascinating episode.

Catherine LeAnn

Hi. I'm seeking more information on the man who escaped an insane asylum and returned to Dwight, Illinois in August of 1890 and killed his whole family. I am doing research on Dwight, Illinois and came across your site by chance and am trying to find out who this gentleman was and where his family resided in Dwight, Illinois. Any and all information regarding this case will be greatly greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

Catherine LeAnn

Catherine LeAnn

I am still very curious as to who this man was who came back to his home in Dwight, Illinois and killed his whole family. It is listed here on this page as:

August 1890 – A man who had been placed in an insane asylum for paying “too close attention to the details of his business” escaped the asylum, went to his home in Dwight, Illinois, and shot and killed his wife, two children, and himself.

I am a current resident of Dwight, Illinois, a bit of a ghost chaser and a very big true crime fan. Please take my request into consideration and answer me at your earliest convenience. Thank you.

Catherine LeAnn

robin desio

Does anyone know anything about a girl appx 9 yoa who may have died in Cape Cod and possibly owned a Pug dog. Reddish brown hair dressed in the time in a Pollyanna type outfit?

Eric Smith

I'm curious as to the whereabouts of the house where this guy killed his family back in 1890. I live in Dwight and am a private investigator. I also have a huge passion for the supernatural and am a frequent ghost hunter. If you could further me any information, I'd be grateful. Thank you.

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