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miss,luaren fatastic and mindblowing experiance and ideas.

Maggie McKaig

I am the great-great grandaughter of that "blackguard" William Wallace McKaig. I have no problem with whatever opinion anyone may have of him. What I would like to know is whatever happened to Myra Black? And her son?
Any information would be appreciated.

David Herron

Was this the same William Wallace McKaig who was the Mayor of Cumberland in 18565-1856?

Maggie McKaig

Sorry I forgot about this site. So far as the question about it being the same William Wallace McKaig who was mayor, that was the murdered William's father. William Wallace McKaig senior was married to Priscilla Beale McKaig--my great-great-great grandparents. Willie junior was one of four sons. Priscilla kept a journal during the Civil War, which was later published in the 1970's, I believe, by the Cumberland Historical Society.


Thank you for posting family history! I've been researching the McKaig family. I have a will written by Willie Sr's dad, Patrick. He is a descendant of my fathers family.

If anyone has photos or other history on this family or would like to swap family tree goodies please contact me!

Thank you!

Maggie McKaig

I just found this site again. That is very interesting, Sherri. There is certainly lots to be found about the McKaig family on, which I am currently NOT a member of.

I am almost finished with a recording of songs I've written about all these Cumberland stories. I previewed some of them in Cumberland last September, in a spoken word/music presentation. Sponsored by the Allegany Arts Council, the hour long show featured my sister Susan reading from Priscilla McKaig's jounal, my Kentucky brother-in-law reading from the Harry Crawford Black trial transcripts, while I told the story, and sang, and played, along with my husband Luke Wilson. It went over really well, and inspired me to write more, and record the songs. So far, it's going really well. We plan on returning to Maryland, maybe as early as fall 2010, to do the whole show.

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