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I think you asked me in an e-mail if my wife was afraid I'd be stalked by serial killer types, and this entry, especially the line about sleeping safe beside you, reminded me that I'm pretty sure it crossed her mind at least once to worry that I was one of those guys. How silly.
No, really. :)

The Bookhouse Boy

I don't think I have the same motivations that most true crime fans. I enjoy the psychology behind it all, but I also am a huge believer in carthasis. I root for the criminal most of the time.

But, and this is important, I also don't focus on murder that much. I've never read an Ann Rule book (I know, I should) and the murder section of my crime library is one quarter the size of the robbery section.

As for historical crime, I think that they are more interesting because I find CSI-style investigations to be pretty boring. Everything, including murder, seems more real in the past than now.

A Voice of Sanity

"… it started with Lizzie Borden (the mystery there isn’t whodunit …)"
Really? I've never seen sufficient evidence to convict Lizzie. I'm never convinced by the "If not him/her then who?" argument - because there are more than enough examples of murders by strangers or others to counter it.

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