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John Galt

"There are dozens of websites devoted to saving Mrs. Row from her sentence"

Source of this information, please? I am unaware of so much as one site dedicated specifically to Ms. Row. The author of a book supposedly about her claims there are a number of sites, and that Ms. Row has multiple requests for money posted on the net. Unless she has access to a different Internet than the rest of us, she's being a bit loose with the truth.

I'd like to see a site dedicated to Ms. Row's story. Her side has been virtually unheard, and it should be. I do not claim she is a saint, but I do believe that in situations like hers one should be certain before rendering judgement. And to my mind no such certainty exists.


Hi John, thanks for your comment. Back when I wrote this post, I found dozens of sites; apparently some no longer exist but many still do. Many of them were in Europe. Here are a few --


I just want to comment on the section of Robin Row, Josh and Tabitha were not Randy's children, they were his step children. Why would she leave them with him if not to kill them together.

Laura James

Thanks for your comment.

There is one book about the case, Deadly Confidante by Nancy Whitmore Poole, who is also a court reporter (intersting combination of careers!). I haven't read it.

Kelly Banaski-Sons

Robin claims to be innocent but all her appeals have been denied. She does not have an execution date yet.

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