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Steve Huff

Very well-said. And in a much less profane manner than I said something similar when I got the freaks looking for autopsy photos. The trick is to not let them freak you out. I'm working on that one.


I also get the people who look for autopsy photos and beheading videos. Sometimes my own stats disgust me.

The Bookhouse Boy

Oh, the things that bring people to my site ... yeah, belly stabbing and autopsy photos are bad, but for a while the number one search term for me was "shirtless gotti boys." Sigh

Alan Colby

My dad was in true Detective Magazine. I was young, maybe 9 or so. I only saw the clipping before my mother ran in the room screaming about what I ad just found, after all I was told he died a war hero in Korea, not true. I believe the crime/crimes took plae in Texas. I recall the picture of him handcuffed to a metal bed frame with cowboy cops standing around their trophy criminal. He went alias Raymond Lewis Headspeth, could be Raymond (Ray) Colby. If you are a historian in the true crimes field or as a hobby, I could use your help to bring this picture back to my adult mind so I can finally understan and put it behind me. If you can help me, please email me below em address. I am pretty sure it was True Detective magazine, not sure of the year, it was approx.45 - 49 years ago. Thank you for taking the time, let's see what else can grow from this. Sincerely, Alan Colby


True crime bookseller Patterson Smith sells these old magazines, and he has developed a subject index. He can tell you which magazine it was and might have a copy to sell you for 30 or 50 dollars or thereabouts.

You could probably also find articles about it on

Just a warning, tho. I get a lot of questions like this. I corresponded with a lady just last week who was looking for her grandfather in a 1937 True Detective. Unless your grandpa (or dad, or uncle) was a police officer who collared a big criminal or was killed in the line of duty then being featured in True Detective is Never Good.

She had been told that her grandpa was wrongfully convicted of murdering a cop and was released from Levenworth when someone else confessed. Well, I looked up the story for her....her grandfather (a) pleaded guilty to first-degree murder and (b) was paroled.

Often the family version of some terrible event is utterly different from what truly happened. If unflattering information would be devastating to you or would influence your family negatively then I would urge you to be cautious with what you do with this info.....

Laura James

Roger Baker

Would like to find the articles on Baker's Hoax re: Jacob Baker's estate. Story was in True Detective Magazine (4 articles story)

Can you help me find the 4 magazines, please? We
do not know the year the articles were published
in the magazine. Thank you for any assistance.

Roger Baker

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