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I have friends of my family who were interviewed for one of Ann Rule's books and they said she couldn't have been nicer.


Go to It might help you see another side of the Diane Downs story.


Anne Brewbaker

It is hard for me to believe that anyone with a little common sense would "bad mouth" Ann Rule.
They just do not understand her writings. So before they criticize a wonderful, truly amazing author, they should reflect on the absurdity of their critiques.
Ann Rule shows her humanity in every book she has written and I would hope that her work not only entertain the readers but teach them too, the lessons that they need to learn.
However free speech is a blessing so everyone has the given right to express oneself.

Anne Brewbaker - Dallas.

carole gill

Wesley, I am sorry for you, truly.
You do what you have to do, I can fully understand a parent not being able to believe their child guilty of such a heinous crime.
You must go by what you truly believe.
We all must, I suppose. Please forgive me for my very strong opinions, but I was so horrifed by the Downs case. I followed it and read Ann Rule's book, Small Sacrifices.
By all means support your daughter, but only support her if you honest to God think she's innocent. You know your own heart, after all.


im trying to find that episode of oprah to watch cant find it any ideas thanks


cant find the episode with diane downs ann rule and oprah anywhere id like to see it if anyone could help me please thankyou

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