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Laura, you must have read my mind. It seems I have been going in circles in a confusing maze of Lizzie Borden research since you posted "Lizzie Borden:The Unanswered Questions". The more I've read about this case; the more questions I have. I applaud the amazing amount of information and research you have gathered on this case and it definitely saves an amateur like myself untold hours to follow your footsteps. I really enjoyed this post and find the difference in the cultural mores of that time compared to today's fascinating.

Incidentally, I did come across an interesting post in the websleuths forum ( mentions a book (one of several written by this author) that sounds like a 'must have' by Jon Douglas, the legendary founder of the FBI's "Behavioral Sciences Unit," titled "The Cases That Haunt Us," wherein he offers his theories about some famous cases including OJ Simpson, JonBenet Ramsey, Lizzie Borden, and Jack the Ripper, among others.
Thank you, Brooke.


I devoured every word of John Douglas's books and highly recommend them, especially The Cases That Haunt Us.

Faye Musselman

You have an excellent crime blog here, and I especially like the way it is organized. As co-chair of the Lizzie Borden Conference to be held in Fall River, MA next year, I invite all your readers to visit our website: Those who would like to be presenters and speak, are invited to do so. Also check out the blog site by clicking the "Blog" button at the website. This most fascinating and compelling case seems never to fail in capturing the imagination and inflicting its addiction to those who stumble against the tattered threads.

Faye Musselman


The website URL is

Also excellent new Blogsite:

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