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As soon as I read the word Munchausen’s I got a chill down my spine. When I worked for a hospital I was given a brief lesson on how to spot MBP. And then we had to watch a video about MBP and they showed some video of actual MBP incidents that were filmed in various hospitals. I can still see the images in that video as clear as day. I hope things work out well for your cousin and his baby.


I'm a former foster child and current child advocate.

Please tell Aunt Bea to read Sickened: the Memoir of a Munchausen By Proxy Childhood, Julie Gregory.

Then, see how interested she is in helping this woman reunite with her children.


Laura, I loved the 'Much House Approximately' reference, made me laugh out loud! I just love your blog, the tales you tell, and the way you tell them. Thank you so much for including a link to my story. It was very kind of you, and much appreciated.


For years I have wondered what happened to Priscilla Phillips. She and I were neighbors and friends. I searched and found your site. What I can't find is what eventually happened to her and Steve and the boys. Would you happen to know? I last saw Tia before she died, when Priscilla and Steve brought her to our house right after they got her. I last saw Priscilla when she was out on bail, at a church picnic fundraiser. She insisted she was innocent. Thanks



I found Priscilla and Steve in public records when I did a search in June 2008. I don't think I should post her address, but public records show her in San Rafael.

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