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Excellent post Laura. :)

Burl Barer

I just found your site, and l love it!
As a true crime author, I have always looked for less publicized crimes. That is to say crimes not publicized nationally. Murder in the Family was about Kirby Anthoney, a killer in Alaska who murdered his aunt and her two children. This was a huge story in Anchorage, but not elsewhere, and it happened in the 1980’s. Head Shot is about a double homicide in Tacoma, Washington in the 1980’s again, a big story there at the time, but not well known elsewhere. Body Count is the exception. I did not approach the publisher and ask to write it, but the publisher approached me because (a) I owed them another book by contract, (b) I knew the killer's first victims from over 25 years earlier, and one of his recent victims, (c) we lived in the same town, and his daughter went to school with my daughter. Whoopie!
What makes the sale to publishers is not whether or not the crime is well known, it is better if it isn’t, but is the crime kinky enough and does it meet the criteria of the market? The market is women, and the ideal perpetrator is a white male serial sex killer, or a conspiring white couple sex killers, or anyone who kills before, after, or during sex, especially if the sex is not with farm machinery or marsupials in captivity.

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