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No good James Gang movie??!! What about 'The Long Riders'? 3 acting families star; both Quaid boys, all 3 Carradine brothers, and Stacy and James Keach playing the James's. I found this movie to be realistic and entertaining. When the James brothers leave the Coles after the botched raid in MN. shot up and bleeding, with a posse close behind it makes clear there is no honor among these theives. Look for it, I think all true crime and history lovers will find it enjoyable.

Fred Rosen

My name's Fred Rosen. I love your site. Your Jesse James, Jr, info is incredibly impressive. I never knew about that film and I should have. I did my MFA in Cinema at USC and have a particular interest in American criminal history on film.

I'm a true crime author, I think something like 12 or 13 books. Some of my earlier stuff includes "Lobster Boy" and "Body Dump." Recently, I wrote "The Historical Atlas of American Crime" for Facts on File. It covers crime in America, 1592-2002, from a geographic, scoiological and other perspectives. "Library Journal" was kind enough to give the book an award as "Best Reference Source 2005." Jesse Sr. has a lot of coverage in it.

But back to your trepidition. The film "The Assassination...." is based upon a novel of the same name which I have read. It's terrific. If the filmmaker's follow suit, no worries, even with Brad starring.

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