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I've discovered this in various research projects as well. For example, in researching the life of the architect who designed our town's 1879 bandstand, I found two reports of attempted suicide (with all the sordid detail included) and a "he done me wrong" story by his wife when the guy ran off with a younger woman. All by looking through microfilm of our local paper.

It seems we have established a class of celebrities who can hardly breathe without it being photographed and commented upon by the press, while the rest of us are scarcely noticed at all--even when our comings and goings probably need to commented on.

Personally, I feel that this is one problem with the way domestic violence has been colonized by the social work people. If more people shunned or confronted batterers (you beat up my sister one more time, you're gonna find out what pain is, etc.), some of these situations might get better instead of worse.

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