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"the one and only post-WWII assassination in Western Europe"?

Perhaps the only successful assassination of a head of government.

Unsuccessful: Pope John Paul II.

Successful political assassinations of non-heads: Pym Fortuyn and Theo Van Gogh (Netherlands); Anna Lindh, Sweden's Foreign Minister; quite a few people killed by both sides in Ireland, most notably Lord Mountbatten.

Successful assassination of a former head: Aldo Moro (Italy).

Nonetheless -- interesting story. My first thought on it was that the gun itself, after all this time, seems unlikely to yield any info, but the interesting question is who gave the paper the tip, and why, and will s/he come forward with more?


Interesting I agree with you about witnesses- its something that historians always struggle with becaue you can never know whether a witness reinterprets things into the past that weren't there- that's the source of many of the justified augury stories for example. I didn't know about this case- of course he isn't hte first- there was a Swedish King assassinated in a ball in the 1790s I think which is another interesting case.

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