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GUYS falling in love with psychowomen in prison?? I thought that particular foible was a female specialty, that excuser/enabler tendency that too many women seem to have, especially if some guy has a handsome face. So guys are just as dumb as we are...very disappointing.


I have "Thunderstruck" in my heap of to-be-read books and am looking forward to it. There was a book published in Britain last year, "Supper with the Crippens," which I would like to recommend (maybe you've already mentioned it?) to Crippen case fans. I liked it because it made a great effort to retrieve the character of Cora Crippen from the usual Shrew-Had-It-Coming caricature in Crippen chronicles (although she still comes across as very hard to live with, especially for an introvert), and also turned a cold eye on Ethel Le Neve's alleged innocence of involvement in the crime. The author presented evidence that Ethel knew far more about Cora's murder than she pretended to, and also traced her subsequent life in London (most writers allege Ethel left the country).

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