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Why tuna casserole? Hmm. Maybe it's because the crime is so horrendous and staggering that you really need comfort food to get through a movie about it? Just a guess. I'd settle for popcorn (hold the butter) myself.


I found the Black Dahlia a curious film it had all the ingredients of a good film but wasn't as good as the sum of its parts. I'd be interested to see what you feel about it as a film- I'm not sure how convincing an explanation of the Black Dahlia it is- its more of a film noir. Agree with you about Anatomy of Murder- Jimmy Stewart is wonderful.

craig henry

I think Wonderland is a very under-rated movie.


Anatomy of a Murder is one of my favourites. I keep doing impressions of Jimmy Stewart in that movie, much to the detriment of my wife's sanity.

If I keep it up, it may just be the anatomy of my murder. :-)


This is said to have happen on Pain Road. and that bridge was torn down or thats what i hard.


that is said to have happen on Pain Road.
and that bridge is supposedly tore down at least thats what i heard.

Mairi Thomson

looking to find copies of True Africa a 1960's south African adventure photo magazine can you help?

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