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Sunshine Jim


An aussie friend posted your site link on our political chat blog, so i wandered over for a look. (Our blog link, the reference post was at May 14, 2007 11:37 PM)

Marvelous exploration you've done of the true crime genre. while not my favorite cup of tea i have encountered and enjoyed many an example tucked away in used book stores along the west coast of the USA.

I'm up early, 5 AM here, with a few things to do so on with the day but i just wanted to compliment you on your well done effort!

Best wishes and please continue!


I am so glad you discovered this bookshop, Laura! Allan and Marie are wonderful people who will do anything to help. I've used them for about 15 years, and Marie is now a personal friend.


Laura, Marie wishes to point out that while they are an internet/mail order company, they are not an actual bookshop where people can turn up and browse.

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