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I do believe that you did not kill your parents. I believe that your boyfriend did it. What I don't understand is why protect him. You are going to have to live with what happened for the rest of your life.

What you need to do is start telling the truth...the rest will fall into place.

Two words Denario Jones. What a joke. Roloff? What kind of person weds someone who kills there Mother and Father on Christmas? And if she did not actually kill her parents, then she had to have something to do with it. I am sorry. For her parents and other family members, but not for her, or her ex-boyfriend. And Mr. Roloff, let me ask you a question: would you have married her if she was not pretty? Well, in 75 years she won't be. Congrats!

Oh Ms. Barron, It is very sad that you have ended up in prison. It is a horrible example for what not to do with the rest of your life. However, you must realize that getting married does not help you get out of prison any faster. And the fact that you are defending yourself now, does not help either. Don't blow your chances that you are given to do the right thing from here on. May GOD forgive and bless you.

Tyler Gurl

I think you did it and your ex didn't! Dinario was not found guilty for this crime and not because the investigation was not thorough, but because there was NO EVIDENCE against him. We all know what he did, which he is now paying his time for and it was not this. I know for a fact that in Tyler if the cops would have found any reason to lock him up whether or not she was protecting him they would have, because he is black! They could not find anything to connect him to being there or being involved. As far as I am concerned she thought she could kill em' and get away with it! Now whether she told him anything about thinking about it or wanting to, well that is a different story. What does she look like anyway? I know what he looks like I went to school with him.

Jim McCord

The innocent victims who died have my sincere sympathy.The old adage,you lie down with dogs you get up with fleas comes to mind.This was definitely a tragedy that never should have happened.The real victims are no longer living.They should be remembered and treated with the respect that they deserve.


hey stephanie my name is jesse i have been locked up a few times and i really feel for you if you would like to talk more please write back also i can send you a pic.thanx beautiful and stay strong

Giovanni Motta

I think they both had something to do with the double murder.I believe she was a spoiled brat that didn't get her way for once,and her and her boyfriend decided to kill her parents.Her parents probably never liked him.Stephanie could not deal with that,witch explains why she is still with him. He is still eating and munipulating her mind. She said it her self her parents raised her well,she had a good life.What was her motive?HER BOYFRIEND! most of us would love good parents,some of us just kill them.....

Tyler Gurl

Like I said before she did it he didn't! Go research it yourself. She wanted the insurance money and right when the cops told her the were going to test her hands for gun residue she ran to the restroom and washed her hands. There were no signs of an intruder and most importantly the gun was found in her closet with her clothes wrapped around them. Dinario was no where near there and in fact was at home being that it was Christmas morning!

Tyler Gurl



well i dont know what happened but i do know there are innocent ppl in prison because i was there once and have seen it first hand, the systme is not perfect, i know she was found guilty but it could be bullshit who knows.


Tyler girl sure is a hateful bitch isn't she. Trust me, Stephanie hasn't slept one night in the 10 years since this happened. By the way Miss Tyler prissy britches, who left you to be judge, jury and God?


I worked with Steve Barron for many years building retail stores in the DFW area. He was a very good man, always upbeat, and so very proud of his daughter. What a shame.


I did not know Stephen but am very close to the family and have heard great things both from them as well as from Stephanie about him. That he had a great sense of humor, was a wonderful husband and just a great man all around. I was in Tyler last year and visited Stephen & Carla's grave site. They share a headstone that reads, "Together in life Together forever" My 21 year old son and I also went through Stephen, Carla & Stephanie's home. After being there and visiting the graves it was very difficult to still love and forgive Stephanie for her part in these terrible murders. My son and I drove from Tyler to New Braunfels Texas that evening without ever turning on the radio or without speaking a word. I am very close to Stephanie's grandmother. She lost her daughter in this horrible ordeal yet she has forgiven Stephanie and stands firmly behind her as she has all these years. Love, forgiveness, these are the true traits of one's character and I think we can all learn from Stephanie's grandmother. The people that hate Stephanie and speak badly about her could learn so much from the wisdom of that old woman. In closing I can say from everything I know about Stephen & Carla Barron and they way they lived their lives, if they could, they would ask people to offer their daughter love, compassion and forgiveness. This was a terrible, horrible crime that shattered the lives of many people. Detective Joe Rasco, the lead investigator on the case has become a man I respect very much and would like to think he shares that opinion of me. He shared with me the trauma he has gone through all of these years as a result of this case. The one however that has paid the biggest price is Stephanie and she will pay for eternity. Stephanie once told me and I quote, "There is nothing a Judge, jury or the State of Texas can ever do to me that will compare to what I have done to myself. Those words say it all.

Tyler Gurl

First of all STEVE, No one hates Stephanie not even I! What people like ME hate are crimes against the innocent, What we hate is that even in JUSTICE there are those serving time that are in denial and still claiming their innocense when there is no shadow of a doubt that they are GUILTY! When I know and the people that have enough common sense to realize that she wouldn't have just been convicted on her word alone! There was evidence and a trial, way before your crazy butt decided to marry her. From all the non-sense you talk about getting to know all the detectives and the Sheriffs that were on the case, it just seems like to me you would be at peace with marrying a crazed murderer, or are you still in denial? LoL... You calling me an "Hateful Bitch" doesn't even register to me when I didn't say anything about hating her just stated the facts and pointed out the facts she won't let her parents rest in peace! Oh yeah that makes me a "hateful bitch" Ha Huh Ha ha ha! No the one who murdered her parents seems to be the one who is the hateful person, am I right or are you still in denial? Yeah I am sure her parents (GOD REST THEIR SOULS!) and everyone else(who has heard or read her cry innocent) will forgive her when she stops lying about being innocent! If you knew me you would know I am not a prissy girl or a hateful bitch, I am a intellectual person who likes to spread TRUTH not the lies you spread for her about her innocense and more so over a person with GOD given common sense who can clearly understand she is GUILTY as SIN! You stay married to her and believe her lies I don't care... poor you! I on the other hand am tired of hearing that she is sorry for it, but is still innocent! It's old and it's more lies with no substantial evidence behind it! So, you sir are not a gentleman if you can go around calling women you don't know names that represent the person you married! What is even more sad is that you didn't know her parents, your going to their house she killed them in and their gravesites, and you telling us what they would say or think about this when you haven't the first clue! It's just sad completely and utterly SAD that you feel the need to speak for people you never knew! I could careless how you felt after visiting those places don't you know anyone that finds out about this case would feel that way and would be in shock that a child would do that to her parents! You know what I think about how they might have been eager to see her open presents on Christmas and how they didn't get that, because she KILLED them! That is truth it's not hate read it right this time! I wouldn't expect a car salesman to be that intelligent anyway just a good liar that is naive! I call it like I see it and give it to you straight... Keep it real Steve! Remember the truth shall set you free, give that to her from me! Also, one cannot offer forgiveness until someone owns up to what they have done...That is the point of everything I write! I can offer my compassion to such an unstable person though, but giving forgiveness to someone who doesn't truly want it that is another thing! Your right I am not the God, nor the Judge or Jury that clearly convicted her I am just a person who can see things for what they are!


First of all I am not a car salesman. I am the General Manager of a dealership! Secondly, Stephanie has admitted her part in this and owned up to it and lastly you are hateful!


The other thing is Stephanie's parents were Jehova Witness. They did not celebrate Christmas at all. There were no presents, no tree or Santa Clause ornaments on Christmas morning so I don't think they were waiting to open any presents. I apologize for calling Tyler Girl a hateful Bitch I just knwo what happened that night and talk about her trial which she didn't have and talk about DNA that is not even a part of this case gets me upset. Stephanie was tested for gun powder residue the morning of the murders and had no trace of gun powder on her. Dinario Jones killed her parents and he has even taunted me in letters about the fact.

Tyler Gurl

Steve I have seen emails that you have sent to Dinario cursing him and not too mention the letters that Stephanie sends begging him to fess up to something he didn't do. In those letters she says once she gets out she will use all the insurance money to get him lawyers to get him out! Sound familar to you? Yeah, anyone would want out of prison even if they were not innocent, like her! She got a trial she was convicted live with it! I could careless what words you say cause they are all empty! Last, do you really think in Tyler, Texas (East Texas) White People would let a White Girl go down for what a Black Guy with a criminal past did? No, I don't think so either not even if they had one shread of evidence that could make it stick to him! You want me to believe what you say about the letters he sent taunting you, scan and copy them to an email and then send them to me! We'll see what you really got and if you don't you are just a liar! here is my email...

Lea Durant

It doesn’t matter who killed Stephanie Barron’s parents. Stephanie, her ex, or her new boy-friend. All that matters is that two lovely innocent happy couple died & flew to heaven early because two selfish teenagers thought they were in “love”. Love doesn’t happen at young age. People think that its true love so they do crazy things that will affect them permanently in their lives. Stephanie’s problem is a perfect example. Such bad kids don’t deserve such great parents…but god is great so he gives them anyways.
Parents. The People who made you. People who brought your body into this world. You’d kill them?? For a guy who must’ve know for a couple years?? The reason Stephanie’s alive is because of her parents. She took an advantage of that. Parents are supposed to mean the world to you. They are the people who made you who you are today. Without them, you wouldn’t be nothing. Not even alive. My parents are like god to me. Even if we do have arguments, & yelling, & bad school grades sometimes & getting in some trouble like spills, falls, etc…I still love my parents. For a boyfriend you just met or must’ve known for 4 to 5 years, Killing the people that love you to death isn’t worth it, but you caused them their death. Nice going.


Stephanie I hope that they throw away the key. You filled my cousin head with crap. You knew that he would do anything to please you. I hope that you learned something being locked away. You are selfish and he is just as much at fault as you!!!! Dinario jones was a good kid hanging with the wrong person. I pray that God will have mercy on your soul as well as his..


Ms. Williams,

Are you the same Aunt that testified your Nephew Dinario was in bed sleeping when he was robbing that house and killing that 26 year old Mother and her little 2 year old daughter Hanna?

If you can read or maybe you missed the word COUSIN... Does that answer you question?


Oh, my Bad!


Let's see now 110 years agravated sentence, half would be 55 years, make Dinario 72 when he see's parole the first time...... In my book that is "Throwing away the key"


STEPHANIE...I BELIEVE UR INNOCENT...parents should mind their own business with their childrens relationships...because in the end the kids are going to date whoever they want to in the end...there's no point!!!!


all i can say is do what u feel is right and forget what these morons say, cuz its your life not theres so hopefully one day u will make your parole and get to enjoy life on your terms and not anyone elses





I received a letter from Stephanie and she said she would love to hear from you! Email me at and I will send you her address.

Julie Kathleen

I want to know this, and my husband is about to be released..

How dare you say YOUR life cause your mom and dad to be KILLED.?? We are all brats at 17

You are trying to justify whatever actions you ALLOWED to the death of your family... YOUR FAMILY

Stupid! You are still a stupid brat stuck at 17 yeards old and for your HUSBAND - stupid!

get a f**king grip - you ALLOWED YOUR FAMILY TO BE KILLED THEY ARE ROTTING BECAUSE YOU... You have no clue what you did you are a stupid whore and good luck getting out... My rep is involved in this email!

You should be dead like your mom and dad.... for the love of god, your mother carried you for 9 months gave birth and raised you and you KILLED THEM!!!
You can not say who helped you ... MAYBE BECAUSE YOU DID IT ALONE!!!

I hope you die...

you deserve that you stupid brat!


I spoke to Stephanie and she told me she would love for you to write to her. Please email me at and I will send you her address


Katie, please email me at stephanie wants to write to you and hopes you will write her.

Frank Balazs

steph, if u werent attractive no one would give a shit ! I am an attractive hollywood actor an people hate real beauty ! As for your crime? you and god know the truth? sad a girl so pretty turned out to piss her life away ! fuckin sad ! Frank B. Mr. hollywood

Jessica M.

Stephanie u are a great friend! U dont know how hard i've tried to find out where u were.This is Jess M n i believe u girl. Congrats on your marriage! I know i havent showed u how much u met to me. U where my bestfriend n i know times have changed but u have always been in my heart. U are a great person n im so happy u finially found some1 to love u.

lo swanga

this bitch stephanie is crazy killer i grew up in foster care wishing i had the good life and you had the good life and you killed them in cold stop acting like the world should feel sorry for need to get righth with god and tell the fucking truth.your parents should be here and you should be in hell for what you did to them.instad you all on tv talking bout some oh meaningless ass love letters you is a real cold killer your parents meant nothing to you and because they stood in your way you killed them what a stupid selfish spoiled lil biotch.steve you just about as crazy as she is and you dum as fuck that bitch dont love you she dont even love herself she dont even know you how can you think she love you she didnt even love her parents DUMASS.she using you to pass the time and get sum dick.stop hatin on tyler gurl cuz she speaking the real shit and you mad y cuz yo stupid ass married this psycho.lay off enjoy your phony marriage hope you like waiting around til this bitch is 75 to be able to enjoy normal married life


p.s. they shouldve killed hher.death by electric chair cuz she is a HATEFUL SPOILED BITCH


Steph. ur rite only u have to deal with wats happened and bein in prison on top of it is enuff punishment. so id count the days till i got out and say to all my haters fuck u and have a nice day

Paula Scarborough

I remember the day stephanie got to prison, I was there, also I remember holding her as she cried missing her mother. She NEVER denied her mistakes but regrets them. I personally know Stephanie has made drastic changes in her life, and is a better woman than most I have met. She IS sweet and a genuinely nice girl. I hope she continues to do whatever it takes to get released and go on with her life. And Steve feel free to contact me at I still remember and think of this young girl often. She made an impact on my life.. And by the way the state of texas has convicted and locked up HUNDREDS of innocent white girls for crimes other(boyfriends, strangers) have committed, for the record..

stephanie you know me



I think everyone one this page should quite arguing about who did it or who didnt, the truth will come out one day and you will see. let her parents rest in peace


its so....sad 4 the whole family. i watched the case unfold from MY prison cell, im so sorry that there is some real hateful people on here. the poor girl lost her family n her freedom. maybe she did it.... maybe not, but whats done is done n we all need 2 look in the mirror before we judge she got married..... that shit is HER BUSINESS so leave her alone yo!

A. Cooper

My name is Amanda Cooper and I was also good friends with Stephanie; as also Katie Sholars, who posted on this site March 27, 2009. I have very conflicting emotions on this issue. I remember so vividly recieving the phone call at my grandmothers house from Detective J Rascoe that Christmas Morning about Mr. & Mrs. Barron.

Katie, if you still check this website, I do hope you are doing great, in the very best of health and spirits. There is not a day that goes by that I do not think of all of them.


Steve, I hope you realize you've been conned, just like that edward guy you were talking about. She got 75 years, of course shes gonna marry some moron who's so emotionally crippled that hes willing to marry a woman he'll never truly be with. This just means she gets $ on her books until she dies, or you wise up. If she does get released, she'll just shack up with another big black fella like she did when she was a young, murdering whore. By the way steve, i've got some amazing ocean front property in arizona i'd like to speak with you about.


I fully believe Stephanie did this and for anyone to put it off on Dinario is ridiculous. I knew Dinario very well and he did not commit the crime of killing Stephanie's parents. He is serving time for what he did. Dinario did mess up but he did not intentionally kill anyone. The fire happened to catch the roof next door on fire where the mother and her child died of smoke inhalation. Dinario did not intentionally set that fire to kill anyone. She personally threatened me (someone she did not know nor had ever met) for talking to Dinario but all of you think she would not kill her parents because they would not let her be with him. And everyone knows that if there was any evidence at all that he was guilty and she was innocent she would not be where she is today.

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Did anyone else notice that this letter was sent from Stephanie VIA STEVE? This guy is a loon. If he was really connected to her in any way and steps toward appeal were being made, he wouldn't be posting fields from the case on a blog. The part of the case no one had mentioned(not even Steve, who is clearly a very good stalker) is the robbery where the gun was stolen and the deaths of the mother and child were different events. Do you know the name of the person who's gun was stolen? The "holder of Stephanie's case files" would. I do.

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