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Nope. They're still scary.

The dude in the story linked is starting to make me think of Albert Fish.

Chris Yarbrough

To me, movies about serial killers aren't scary; the truth is far darker. The murderers who are out there who haven't been caught, that is scary. Not "ooo, they're coming to get me" scary, but "hey, these guys are going to die with a good name" scary. Serial killers are sniveling cowards who deserve justice, not fear. They're not scary to the public because we've seen over the years that these guys are really just lily-livered perverts that were able to get the jump on their prey.

Kevin M. Sullivan

One of my Utah contacts told me the other day that folks from National Geographic are planning a piece on serial killers, and are seeking info. on Bundy. There really is no lack of interest when it comes to these monsters. The fascination and fear they produce in us will continue to feed the fire, so to speak!


Ive written and researched enough about serial killers to become, as the story suggests, not fearful of them. I would suggest that the media are indeed partially to blame for this, not just those in the news media, but also in the entertainment medium. Even film reviewers are quoting the latest films as 'yawn another serial killer slasher film'. The more we are inundated wth this type of criminal the more familiar we become and therefore the less fearful we are.


Kevin M. Sullivan

So true Mart. My comment above about the fear they produce in us was a rather tongue-in-cheek remark at the silliness of so many things presented in the media about serial killers. However, the fascination with these strange sociopaths will always be a part of society because they are so different from the rest of us. They are like other-worldly creatures one might find in a horror movie; or perhaps, as some writers have alluded to, a shark interested only in feeding. But whatever one considers them to be, they are nothing like the rest of society, and they are, under the right conditions,exceedingly dangerous. And this is why folks will always be drawn to reading about them, watching movies about them, and wondering just why they do the things they do.



It would be fair to say that people that are just as 'fearful' as this type of killer. I wrote on the blurb of my book that serial killers are not an obvious threat as suggested by popular culture - in reality the serial killer is less like the out-of-control Mr Hyde, they are more like the subdued Dr Jekyll.

The serial killer to ordinary people is just that an ordinary person like so many other people we know, except for one point.


Kevin M. Sullivan

True again Mart. The sociopath is totally screwed, if you will, on the inside, but outwardly they develop and wear the mask that hides their true nature from the rest of the world. They are not insane; at least not in a legal sense, and until the moment they have a victim in their grasp, are quite able to control their evil desires. So, to the rest of us they may appear absolutely normal as we rub shoulders with them in our daily life, but on the inside,( for the psychopathic serial killer, that is) they are in a world of homicidal turmoil at all times. Their true nature will usually only come to the surface when it's time to commit the murder. Hence the great shock on the part of family members and friends when the truth finally comes out; that is, when we as a society are lucky enough to nab them.


How many times have we heard the neighbour say comments such as 'He was a quiet boy', 'Wouldnt hurt a fly' etc. It would be a very rare thing to hear comments such as 'I told the police many times about the women going in but never coming out', 'The chainsaw noises are stopping me sleeping' etc.


Kevin M. Sullivan

Mart-- the chainsaw comment...too funny. And yes, sometimes the boy is too quiet, and if you add "odd" to "quiet" it could spell time-bomb. Throw in a dash of mental instability, and society may have a killer on its hands for sure.


There was a Russian doctor a few years ago who claimed to have prevented several serial killers by making young men his psychological patients. Of course it could never be proven whether he was successful or not.


Kevin M. Sullivan

They probably killed him...and ate him! Ha,ha

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