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Michelle Gray

Is it morbid to say that Belle is my all time favorite female killer? Hmmm... is it morbid to have a favorite, I wonder?


>>is it morbid to have a favorite, I wonder?

~LOL~!! Not around here. This is one safe place to talk about the "favorites" that have fascinated folks like us for generations....

carole gill

I agree, Laura! I think the fascination we have with true crime and individual murderers is a fascination based on a quest to understand. Yes, people who don't ordinarily kill (like us) can in certain circumstances be driven to kill: self-defense, that sort of thing--but our interest in true crime and in people like Belle is, I think, based upon the desire to understand a monster. A woman who looked like us, but was so not us! It disturbs and troubles us. We want to stare at her photo, we want to read all that we can--so that we get a glimpse into this woman for instance. Into what made her different.
We want to understand even though we won't be able to because we can't. But we look and we read and we think anyway--because she was so different and that in itself is what our fascination is based on I believe.

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