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carole gill

these polls are great, Laura!
such interesting results.
yes, I too was surprised by the railroaded votes for Hauptmann. Can't figure that out--other than passage of time and maybe some revisionist thinking?
As for new poll, very interesting too. there were so many comments with regard to Fugate. It'll be interesting to see how the voting goes!


Caril Fugate has worked at a hospital and lived quietly for years and is publicly listed in the phone book (or at least she was - I thought about trying to get an interview for a story once.) To me that argues that her sentence was appropriate, whatever her role in the crimes. She was very, very young and unduly influenced by a dominating psycho boyfriend.

carole gill

Oh Melanie,
I wish you had been able to interview her.
It would be so interesting to hear what she had to say.
I wonder if anyone has, don't think so.

carole gill

Am surprised at the percentages on the poll, with respect to her age--but I guess there's a lot of strong feeling out there.
Must be.

carole gill

how about a poll on the Manson women?
Atkins, Van Houten and Krenwinkel would have us believe they are remoseful and should be freed.
Personally--!!! well, i know you know what i think!
anyway, it might make for an interesting poll.

susan j. sager

Caril Ann should have been sitting on Charlie's lap when they pulled the switch. Many are dead because of the two of them.

Amanda Kreischer

Carol is alive and well! People just need to leave her alone!!

supra shoes black

À mon avis, un gouvernement de sauvegarde / sauvetage / plan de financement n'est pas la solution pour résoudre cette crise, et bravo à la Chambre de ne pas autoriser ce plan pour passer. L'idée de fournir des «bien-être social» de ces institutions financières est une blague (peu importe qu'il s'agisse d'un achat réduit qui peut ou ne peut pas financièrement se rembourser plus tard).

Il existe d'autres alternatives pour résoudre cette crise qui ne charge pas gravement la charge du contribuable américain (la façon dont le plan actuel ne). Mais, espérons que ces alternatives seront examinées rapidement avant qu'il ne s'aggrave ... oh, et que les dirigeants nationaux cherchent la sagesse de Dieu dans ce processus ci-dessus toute autre chose.

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