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Kevin M. Sullivan

Ah, the talking-heads of the cable news stations...they are but children-at-play. Well paid children, mind you, but children nevertheless!

Inspector Winship

Nancy Grace is not going to appreciate this.


How ironic that the FBI complain about Hollywood getting their facts wrong (but then when does Hollywood worry about substance over a good storyline). Authorities continue to quote 'profiling' in the hunt for serial killers, the reality is that profiling has never caught a single serial killer and likely never will.
Yes we all know the story of Dr Russell, but his description of George Mutasky (spl) never actually led to his arrest, it was good old detective work.


Jean Murley

Finally, the FBI comes clean about serial killers! The agency was instrumental in creating the mythology around serial killing and profiling, partly to secure funding during the 1980s, when its own fortunes were on the wane. Glad to see they've corrected the information that they have wrongly disseminated for years. Now they can focus on creating a new mythology around the terrorist threat. Hmmmm.

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