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Inspector Winship

Are Reader's Digest and Variety serious about attacking real crime coverage and nothing else? Pot, this is kettle, you're black. I think this is something you've talked about before; journalists, to put it simply, don't like true crime. The New York Times doesn't even try to cover her disdain when reviewing a new crime novel while the editorial page is covered with sensationalist BS about politics and world affairs. Reader's Digest didn't shy away from covering Anna Nicole Smith's death and ran plenty of articles pointing fingers squarely at John and Patsy Ramsey in spite of the inconvenient lack of evidence. I don't mind that journalists try to sell magazines and newspapers, I can filter the BS myself, but I can't stand hypocrisy.

sally bush

Kudos to you for supporting Father Robinsons cause. Innocent or guilty he was NOT given a fair trial. No evidence. The rhetoric and speeches of lawyers are not evidence. Their unfounded accusations and outrageous satanic cult BS reminds me of the "Monster of Florence," and the so-called trials and imprisonments recounted in the book by the same name by Mario Spezi and Douglas Preston. These two authors were attacked and Spezi was imprisoned, by the Italian police and courts because they disagreed with the official- outlandish and unproductive- theory of the crime. I was amazed by the way the laws developed to fight the Mafia were used against them. Unnamed accusers and witnesses, sealed indictments, unnamed crimes, are all twisted to be used for personal vendetta. Italy is supposed to be a free country with a free press, just like America. The awful crimes of the Monster were an engrossing subject, but the Italian officials were just as monstrous.

Kevin M. Sullivan

Does anyone remember what was being thrown at us 24/7 courtesy of the 24/7 cable news folks prior to 911? Well, it was John Conyers (okay,I'm probably destroying his name here,sorry) and I believe he was a senator, and he stood accused (in the media) for having killed a young woman who worked for him in some capacity. That's all they talked about. You couldn't turn on Fox or MSNBC, or CNN, and not hear about it. So switching a channel didn't help. They all reminded me of little children with nothing else to do. It was the most nauseating spectacle and it didn't have a thing to do with real news. As soon as the towers came tumbling down you never heard another thing about it; at least nothing of substance.

Same with Anna Nichole Smith. They went on and on and on,the talking heads pontificating about every aspect of what MIGHT HAVE BEEN! Pure speculation, and it had nothing to do with the news. Again, little children at play.

Oh well, that's my rant for the day, LOL!

A Voice of Sanity

In cases like Father G. Robinson's, Scott Peterson's, David Camm's, Phil Spector's, the West Memphis 3's and many more the court verdict was the media verdict and nothing more. These verdicts were not driven by evidence, the jurors clearly echoed the popular verdict of the public. In this they failed to do their sworn duty.


This is horrible and it's about the one thing that UK doesn't do. Between arrest and trial, no further comment is allowed.

A Voice of Sanity

Canada tries to do as much. They have even blacked out US TV channels in the past to prevent it. However the internet has made it almost impossible.

Laura James

But the UK media let itself get a bit carried away lately with the Portuguese mystery. That coverage came close to what's on US TV. I wonder if there was much outcry over it?

A Voice of Sanity

This was not a UK case. I'm not sure what experience the Portuguese legal system has with notorious cases.

Laura James

I was thinking of the Madeline McCann case, which resulted in rare front-page apologies and libel settlements. UK true crime coverage tends to be more responsible and less speculative (than the US certainly) but that was one exception.

A Voice of Sanity

But the Madeline McCann case occurred solely in Portugal. I'm unaware that any element of the crime happened in the UK. There's no way I can see that the Portuguese can prohibit publication of any comments in the UK.

Now if the McCanns were libeled in the UK then they have a course of action available and I believe have taken it.


Hi Kevin,

The case you were referring to was the Gary Condit/Chandra Levy story. I lived in L.A. at the time and that was all we heard or read about in the media -- until 9-11, like you stated.

Kevin M. Sullivan

Hi liquidman--

Say, I really did destroy his name. And how could I forget the name of Chandra Levy? Oh well, at least I still remember the names of my children, LOL.

And thanks, liquidman, for bringing me back up to speed!

Inspector Winship

LOL You probably owe Rep. Conyers an apology there, Kevin. Hopefully the Googlebot doesn't pick it up and make it a top ten query.

Kevin M. Sullivan

Well I did do a number on his name, didn't I? LOL!! Say, isn't he hiding in an old bunker out in the Pacific somewhere; or perhaps in some remote rain forest where the cable news people can't find him? (Ha,Ha)

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