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Elizabeth Kerri Mahon

Physically, Hilary Duff resembles Bonnie Parker more than Faye Dunaway did. And she's closer to the right age, at least in terms of looks. Whether she can act the part or not is debatable, but I think the name calling on both sides is unnecessary. It's not as if this is the first time a movie has been made about Parker and Clyde Barrow since Bonnie and Clyde. I seem to remember a TV movie years ago with an actor from Twin Peaks.


The trailer you have posted is for a different film, not the one with Duff. I don't believe it is in production as of yet.

Laura James

THANK YOU, Leigh, for pointing that out!


Hilary Duff will not be able to play this part.
Bonnie Parker is an outlaw.
not some happy go lucky Disney character.
i think this will suck.


Honestly, both Duff and Dunaway are being immature and catty. Was it really necessary to slam each other like that?

The classy thing for Dunaway to have done is wait until the film comes out before making any snide comments, so she (and everyone else) can see whether Duff can actually pull off Bonnie Parker or not.

Why do women do this kind of stuff to each other?

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