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What brings me here is I feel that someone tried to poison me, that someone is my Mother in law. So much leads up to this conclusion. I search the web in hopes that something will validate this for me.

If she didn't actually do it, she sure wanted me to think she did.

I really hate searching this scary topic, but I am compelled to do it. Ever have that gnawing gut feeling that won't go away, and needs to be satisfied?

I have since cut her out of my life and my husband is totally behind me. She does many vicious cruel things, and the last one, getting the same breed dog as me, and naming it the same name, as the dog I just put down, was what ended it!

From the beginning, she was obsessed with this Castor bean plant. Unknowingly, I went to go get one for her as a favor to my then husband, the clerk told me about the toxic nature and warned me if I had animals or kids.

My Mother in law is insanely jealous of my Husband's love for me. She abused me in her own sly way for 4 years. Too much to go into.

I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, doesn't run in my family, don't fit the profile at all. This after staying in her home while our house was being built. I'd stay with my fiance on the weekends. She made a point out of telling me that the coffee was all set for the morning, all I had to do was, push the button.

After she heard of my diagnosis, I was rushed to the hospital after having thanksgiving dinner at her house, she told me that the Doctors weren't telling me everything, surely there must be something more the matter with me, they just don't want to scare me!

Anyway, there's way more evidence that leads to her guilt. After denying knowing about the plant when my Husband and I brought it up, to guage her reaction, she just told someone she has 5 hardy plants growing!

I am just curious about the exposure to this and developing this disease, that dosen't fit my genetic profile.

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