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bridgette basas

Ada Bonner Lebeouf was my great aunt. I still currently live in Morgan City, Louisiana as do some of Dr. Dreher's relatives...It's a very interesting piece of history... The older people in our family don't like to talk about it much. I have read "Ada and the Doc", and really enjoyed it.

Lezli Jones

Ada was my great grandmother's sister. There is so much interesting history to this story. The political aspect is fascinating, resulting in Long's re-election. The previous poster is correct, the older generation is still very shamed my this incident... and out of respect, her youngest child (I believe) is still alive. I love telling this fascinating tale of our family history.

Colleen Bonner

Ada was my great grandfather's sister, and she was my grandfather's godmother. My grandpa used to tell me stories of her when I was little. He remembered her very vividly, as he was 4 years old when she was executed. This story has been in my family for YEARS. I own a copy of "Ada and the Doc", and it's been passed around to lots of my friends and relatives.

Nicole LeBoeuf

Ada was my great great grandmother. My great grandfather was her son, Ernest E LeBoeuf. I live in Maryland now and have begun to look into my family's history with great interest. I've read Ada and the Doc and was moved by the details of a story I'd heard only bits and pieces about my entire life. I am looking for more information on how those events may have had a ripple effect on those left in its wake. If you'd like to help me, please let me know. You can reach me at: [email protected]. Best, N

Alan Boner

Ada's Father may be my 2nd Great Grandfather.

In the book "Ada and the Doc", her mother is referred to as Mrs C.E. Bonner. His name was Charles Ernest Bonner.


One Edna LeBoeuf of Morgan city was my great grandmother. I wonder if anyone knows the relationship of Ada, and Edna

Robin Bernucho Beadle

Ada was my great aunt and i was told by my mom (Beverly Bonner Bernucho) that she was a very sweet and loving woman, and there is no way that she could have had part in this murder, i have read the book and it was very interesting to read about my grandfather, his sister (Ada) and many of my relatives. How ironic that i ended up marrying Blane Beadle better known as (Bud) who is a distant relative to James Beadle. The people i really feel sorry for was my cousins Libby LeBoeuf and her brothers, it must have been so hard on them at that age to deal with something like this. Libby has always been a very wonderful and funny lady, maybe this was her way of making her life a better place to be.

Trudy Bernucho Case

Ada was my great aunt also. Not much was talked about around the family about her. My mom Beverly Bonner Bernucho was very close to Libby Ada's daughter. The reason being my grandmother Nellie Blanchard Bonner and Ada's brother my grandpa(Lawerence Walter Bonner) took much care of Libby after her mothers death. She stayed with them a lot even to the point of being part of their family. Libby was a lovely, funny, straight-forward person. She and mom were best friends.

James W. "Jim" Beadle

Who realy did it?


1-went to prison.

emory taylor

does anyone know anything about ada's brother emory bonner

Nicole LeBoeuf

Greetings all, Nice to see this thread still going. Since my first post in 2008, I've done a fair bit of research and actually recently presented Libby with a poster-sized family tree going back 11 generations beginning with her. I was inspired to get that for her for Christmas this year because when I visited her in August 2009, she told me that she never even knew the names of her grandparents....I felt like she'd appreciate knowing that her life was more than one generation deep. Anyway, she did, and I'm still digging.

I'm filling in a lot of gaps, and I have answers to some of the questions posed above. If you'd like to email me directly, I'd be happy to share what I know. I have a lot more information now that I did two years ago. You can reach me at: [email protected]. Best, Nicole

georgialee vernon

Ada was my great great aunt or something like that. i would like to know my family history and be able to see my family tree...if that makes sense. My grandmother was Grace Bonner Ray. if you will help my me my email is [email protected]. and i have a facebook


What you don't know is Ada had asked her brother and sister -n-law to go in the boat that day and they declined .Question why if she was going to do this terrible act she would have invited them.

robin bernucho beadle

to add to the comment above, again my mother beverly bonner bernucho, which ada was her aunt, her dad's lawrence walter bonner's sister, had also told me a long time ago that her brother and siter-in-law were invited to go and declined.

adrian sapia sr.

my name is adrian sapia we were told that ada leboeuf was my dads cousin could you please tell me how. my dads name was harry sapia his parents were adele and davis sapia. very [email protected]

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