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Anne Brewbaker

It is not surprising to find out that women are considered more favorably than men in the judicial process, and get an acquittal whereas a man would invariably get a stiff penalty. the standard applied being more lenient toward women. Even though justice is not being served, it is an accepted fact that women are looked upon with some favoritism which gets them acquitted, so long as they are attractive and young.

Yet women can be cruel, violent and viciously brutal.! When they are beautiful with an hour glass shape, men cannot resist the appeal of those attributes. I don't think it is discrimination per se, but rather a clear manifestation of sex appeal. True discrimination has deep reasons often invalid, motivating individuals. Beauty triggers sex appeal which is a natural drive, but it also triggers jealousy.

On a more realistic side, I really believe that the Internet use should have some restrictions when applied to individual rights. It is highly improper for anyone to use someone else research and study of any particular subject without indemnification. Research is a laborious undertaking requiring time and money and efforts and THAT should be PROTECTED.! We need a few regulations that will insure security so we can all continue to enjoy good reads. However I do NOT profess any restriction on our freedom of speech. We should treasure it always.

Anne Brewbaker - Dallas

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