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This is not the end of this story. I was a victim of an attempted murder by poison from the daughter of a Mrs. Julius Fazekas. This family is mired in murder.

Robin Grace

I am currently writing a satire of woman who has formed a poisoning ring with her mother, cousins and close friends, in order to kill off all her other relatives and seize their assets. It is based on a true story - the perpetrators have yet to be brought to justice. I'm trying to help bring her poisoning activities to an end through publicity.


I'm a journalist who wrote an in-depth article on this (including long, one-on-one interviews with Dr. Bodo and a few days in Nagyrev)---the piece was accepted by The Guardian and held to run with their debut redesign, but I was scooped by The Independent when they ran a watered-down (and somewhat inaccurate) version.
In journalism, the most difficult thing sometime is a news peg--an editor wants to know "why now?" I'm interesting in adding something current to the piece--a paragraph or two--to make it relevant to today and an easier sell for me.
Do you have any more info on the playwright (i.e., is he published/established), or do you know of any new information, or news of Nagyrev today that could be pitched?

Any guidance you can offer would be greatly appreciated.


...and the person who wrote as Anonymous on Feb 4, 2006 that they were a victim of an attempted murder by poison from the daughter...

.... any chance you still check this site and would be interested in writing me back privately? I'd very much like to talk to you, anonymously or otherwise...

Henry Schipper

I'm working on a documentary on Nagyrev for The History Channel-US. Am very interested in following up on the email about the murder attempt by the daughter of Mrs. Fazekas. Any feedback on this much appreciated.

Henry Schipper

G. Miki Hayden

My short story, "The Maids," based on the mass poisonings of French plantation owners (Haiti) by black slaves in the 1700s won an Edgar.

Another mass poisoning incident occurred in China, I believe in the 1800s, when Chinese bakers poisoned the bread of the British oppressors.


Thanks for your note, Miki. I never heard of either of these other examples. While the motives are of a different class (and not personal, as in Nagyrev), it's interesting to know of other mass poisoning phenomena. The Haitian story sounds remarkable. What an interesting subject to take on in fiction!

Word has it that the History Channel is actually putting together a documentary on Nagyrev. They called me asking for ideas for resources, and I referred them to Dr. Bodo and the local museum. I wish I could go to Hungary with them.

Stuart McPherson

My name is Stuart and I am a playwright from England who is putting together a script about the Nagyrev killings. Though there will be fictional elements to the piece to keep the plot moving I have used both Bodo's book and Bussink's film as my further research for the piece. The show is being toured in July and I will be posting the script and a video diary of the show's rehearsals on my website, if any of you are interested feel free to get in contact. Visit

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