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J Houtved

In as much as it is no longer imperative that a man marry a women he has gotten pregnant, I suppose you are right, and that this is a blessedly rarer and rarer type of murder; but we still see the occasional murder of someone who gets in the way of a new relationship, whether they know it or not. Mostly they are now married and often there is too much money involved for a divorce to be an option.......

Best of luck with the "confinement".

J Houtved

Charmaine Rodrigues

I was looking to find some information to Avis Linnell murder case in 1911. As i research the websites it is hard to find factual information. I have a research paper due in three weeks and am really clueless can u please help me ?


Although there is no longer the social pressure to marry, child support requirements, coupled with a basic history of violence in interpersonal relationships, still causes death or severe injury to a significantly high number of pregnant women. Some of them are even married (the Lacey Petersons of the world), but the husband apparently finds it easier to off her than bother with a divorce.

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