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Thanks for the mention. I'm a law student and civil servant so it's nice to get a shout out on a site like this. We at fustar are dedicated to investigation of the human condition as revealed in popular culture through the ages, so if you liked what you saw, we are nominated in the culture section of the Irish blog awards. Voting is here - - and we'd really like the chance to dress up in glitzy frocks and make tearful acceptance speeches.


Oh, and don't hesitate to order the book from Charlie Byrne's a nifty little bookshop in the mediaeval town of Galway, where the fustarers did their undergrads. There's a link in the post. One of our pious hopes in posting on Gallows Speeches was that maybe one or two more copies of this worthy book might be sold having found it in cheap piles in a bargain shop. Anyway, it's only a couple of meagre bucks and it's hardback!

C A Brown

Love the site!!!

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