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Frances Gordon


Lou Smith

She should have been executed along with her nut job boy friend.


just wonder why everyone is so worried about what other people due i mean getting info and reading about past events is one thing but who is anyone too judge except god and he makes evry thing happen for a reason.............


First of all I am not here to condemn or judge anyone. I recently wrote a web article on Suite 101 about Starkweather and Caril Ann. I have always been interested in crime shows. This story has got me very intrigued, for reasons I can't put my finger on. Maybe because I was born in 1958 or that I grew up in the midwest, I don't know. I am interested only in facts. I am wondering how the the person said that she is the great niece, is related. If at possible I would like to know if Caril Ann is still alive and my dream would to be able to talk to her. And not for anything negative, just for my own personal satisfaction. I am not a reporter or with any law enforcement. Any information I could get would be helpful. Thank you, Del Harding, its nice to hear from someone who was actually there.


To Caril's Great Niece,
On Dec 2008 you wrote my mom's name is Caril after my great aunt and her mother Barbara is my great aunt Caril's sister. How is that possible? Is it not true, Caril Ann's little sister, Betty Jean was killed in 1958. I never read or heard of any other syblings. Just curious.

Kaye W

Im almost 60 years old and have followed this case my whole life. I do not think Caril Fugate had a clue what was happening to her. Her finaly passing a lie detector test is good enough for her to be vindicated in everyones eyes. What is wrong with you people? She was thirteen! KKW

Kevin M. Sullivan

There's just something about ignorance. When I see it (and if I don't stop myself), I have to get involved:

First, a note to "Juicey':"but who is anyone too judge except god and he makes evry thing happen for a reason............."

Well, Juicey, if we didn't 'judge' situations in life, we'd never catch the guilty, and detectives could never investigate such murders. Also, the idea that God "makes everything happen for a reason..." is pure stupidity! God's not involved in murder, or abduction, or child abuse. People do these things, and to blame such things on God shows a total and complete lack of understanding of anything rational.

To Kaye W "What is wrong with you people?"

Well, Kaye, there is evidence that points to Carol being complicit in what Starkweather was doing. And being 13 has nothing to do with it. Hello?


After staying with Charlie in the Bartlett home for several days after the murders of her parents and baby sister, would not Caril (if she did not know they had been murdered} have asked all who came to her door about the whereabouts of family instead of telling everyone that her family was sick with the flu?!GUILTY AS CHARGED!Can onyone HELP me with the locations of the graves of the gas station attendant and the shoe salesman?? I have visited all the other graves.


I dont believe she didnt know what was going on nor do I believe she was along against her will but she served 18 years and was a model prisoner so I think she should be left alone and allowed to put it behind her and get on with her life. Besides,If she had something to do with the deaths of her family then thats a burden that SHE will have to carry from now on.


I saw on TV yrs ago where Caril commented that she could not get a date. I think she worked in a hospital at that time. I tend to defer to her family for judgments.Caril mentioned that they did not visit her in jail.

ffxi gil

I prefere caril ann fugate has a nurse than beverley hallittwho murdered a quite a few children in england.

Just me

I actually met Carol when I was about 13 years old. She was very pleasant. The parents of a friend of mine were very involved in the Church of the Nazarene in which she was a member. They brought her over to their house after church one sunday and I was introduced.

I remember thinking how pretty she was and had a beautiful smile.


I know & love Caril,I have heard her story & seen her life. I am not yelling here just making a point.SHE WAS A VICTIM IF I NEED MEDICAL CARE I SHOULD BE SO LUCKY TO HAVE HER AS MY NURSE,She has the biggest heart & most giving nature,when my daughter got married Caril gave her bed to my family members & opened her home to all of us. I have been in meetings with her & the reporter in Lansing once, She was the last victim Starkweather had. To think after 50 yrs.people are still juding her. I haven't seen her now in awhile but I would welcome her to my home with open arms,& a grateful heart...So Caril if you read this call Deney he can tell you were i went love always freind..

L Boysen

I must agree with the comments about her involvement. Hopefully she has been rehabilitated in prison. But Caril had God to answer to now. And pray for the safety of those she is contact with. I have studied her case for years. If I were a family member, I cannot imagine not loving her - you are her family. Pray all goes well, and forgiveness prevails.


I believe that if you have a felony that you cannot obtain your nursing license. I doubt that a charge of murder would be exponged no matter how many years ago.


I tend to believe what the family thinks and they feel Caril is guilty. Caril wrote on the door of her home, "Family has the flue" while she and Charlie partied as her family decomposed in the outhouse and chicken coup. She is a monster.

Amanda Kreischer

She is alive and well! People should just leave her alone! She is not a killer she was a victim! I have herd her story personally from her! I belive her! It is not our place to judge her! It is gods choice and place too!!

Kat Wells

I suppose no one will ever know for sure the true extent of Caril Fugate's involvement in the murders. Supposedly she is the nicest person in the world today. Well, it's hard to know who or what she is or was. I can say that from personal experience because I was married to a pathological liar for 28 years who was also very nice on the surface. Every time I tried to leave, he promised and swore things would change and I bought it. A friend described my husband as a "street angel, house devil." He's a real Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde. Some people have two personalities and Caril Fugate may be one of those people. We will never know as even the experts get fooled at times. I hope she didn't willingly stay with the man who killed her 2-year-old half sister.

Beverly Hawkins

I was 14 years old when this mayhem occurred.In no way do I think Caril was any thing but a very willing participant.Where did she think her family was those 6 days her and Starkweather remained in her family's house? The two of them essentially partied during those 6 days. She should have gotten more than 18 years. In no way was she innocent.I enjoyed Del Harding and Jim McCord's comments as they seem to know what they are talking about and have the true facts on these two murderers.

Charles Doe

I am the son of Charles and Caril and was adopted after my mom Caril gave birth in Oct 1958. I didn`t know who my birth parents were until 1976 when I 1st met my mom. She told me what a mean and controling man my dad was and how she lived in fear for her life as well as my unborn life. My mother is a sweet, caring woman who just wants to live her life in peace. Her grandkids love her, though none of them know the pain she endured at the hands of my dad. I was fortunate to grow up with a loving family who gave me their name so I wouldn`t go through life with my dads name. He got the justice he deserved and my mom did 18 yrs for being one of his victims. Let her live in peace as everyone who knows her adores her. Both of us are lucky to be alive and for that Mom, I will always love you.

Del Harding

The son of Charlie and Caril? LOL LOL What a joke. I saw her frequently at various court hearings while I was covering her case in 1958. She was never pregnant.
It is amazing what weird stories have developed since the murders. Keep it simple: Caril was guilty. Period.


She has never told me about a son? It is weird how stories come up? I was really afraid when I first meet her, but she opened up her heart to me and I blelive that she was not guilty. I never heard the story until she told me and she today is my step grandma. I read all sorts of stuff about her, and the stories of all points of view. She was a little girl in the wrong place. Leave her alone, and if you are her son prove it to me??


I think Caril Ann Fugate is a talented con-artist. I believe she is guilty and is probably living her life somewhere outside of prison walls. Frightening performance.


Because nobody can beat a lie detector test.

Terry C - NJ

Caril was never pregnant. That rumor was disproved years ago.

She never married and the last I heard, she was working as an aide in a home for the aged.

I read William Allen's 1976 book "Starkweather." If I had lived in Nebraska in the 1950s, I would have rebelled, too. I wouldn't have killed anyone, but I would have gotten out of there at my first chance.

Sounded like a boring place to live.


First off, Charles, if anyone did any background on him, should not have been executed..he should have been placed in a mental facility..he had a very low IQ, Myopia, was bow legged, and was a fine child until he entered the public school system where he was taunted and teased until he could no longer stand it and it made him hate people..I am not justifying what he did but I believe society was the murderer and charlie was merely a for Caril, she was completely involved in the murders..her family was the first to die and she even killed her little step sister...she should have fried or gotten life at least. Funny Charlie was killed almost immediately and she got paroled?!! Now she is allegedly a nurse?! That's just scary in itself. Just my each his own...

Joanna Backman

It has always appalled me that this woman was ever set free, I believe the evidence as to her guilt in these horrific murders should have served to keep her in prison until her death. Some use her youth as an excuse for what she did, which I also find insane. She knew full well what her actions would amount to, and I also believe she had a perfect understanding of Starkweather, as they saw in each other equal souls of evil.

Patrick Cochran

Dear Mr Harding, I was wondering if you know the reason why they gave Charlie a lie detector test but not one to Caril?


So,what I've heard is people playing God deciding if Caril will go to heaven for her sins,I find that statement is even foolish to be put in print,as she may very well have had made repentice with God as it's up to him any wway.She went to live with the Bartletts after being a sexual preditor of her own father.She was'nt allowed any type of snacks or frills as Mr.Bartlett considered too expensive,but he had enough money to smoke his pipe tells me she was probably treated as second class in her own home .Not a grounds for murder,but had she been given therapy of some kind?Now we have Charles,while very murderous,if he had some type of help with his problems could he have turned out just a little better off than his siblings.Guy only worked when his hands did'nt hurt.There are very many murders in todays society,drugs,bad neiborhoods.Take a look at Carils face.I don't condone murder,but if given help,which is a parent's obligation,ask your self,could it have been different


Are we 100% positive she never had a child with him? My mother was born and placed for adoption at Nebraska children's home in 1957. Mother and father were 13 and 18 at birth. And there's a striking resemblance...just made me curious as to that rumor...wondered if anyone close to her might know. She was given the fake name Debbie Reynolds (a famous singer at that time).


Charles Doe= what a load of BS Caril was never pregnant or had any children, you are just a person making up a BS story to try say Caril was an innocent victim, if she was really scared of Starkweather she would of broke it off with him long before her parents disapproved of their relationship she claimed she was his hostage and tried to break it off with him yeah right, more likely she rebelled against them and refused to end it with Starkweather so they killed her family so they could be together, to me it always sound like the typical killing couple whereas as the woman turns on the male and plays the victim when they caught to save their skin like e.g. Karla Homolka.
I mean the people who claim she is innocent always seem to leave out about she had how many chances to escape and stayed with Starkweather in the house, she even admitted to seeing her family killed when she was arrested, she was also found with newspapers articles that had been cut out about her family murders on her, she admitted to holding a gun on the teenage couple and robbing the male victim, its also been hinted she killed Carol King which is possible (because when couples kill it usually the female partner who would do that) which she most likely mutilated her genitals out of jealously because Starkweather showed an interest in her.
also her stories have been inconsistent and she slipped up a few times in interviews, also she moans about how she is a victim and was cheated out of life yet doesn't seem to talk about her family of victims, she got lightly IMO, not forgetting her demeanour in interviews after being caught, she comes across as cold, stubborn and hard but people will use that she was terrified BS when she was smiling and smirking at cameras and she would play dumb, also their is a interview when she is older continuing to say she is a victim which her crying has got to the fakest crying ever.
IMO she was found guilty for a reason!!!

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