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I have a comment about Vonda Mullenax that you might be interested in. I just moved from Terra Alta recently back to my hometown in Central, WV. Just another addition to your story, Vonda is still living, in small trailer outside of Terra Alta, about 5 miles from the original farm where the murdered happened. I have seen the farm and the site of the garbage pile where the charred remains of Ray Mullenax were found. If there is anything else you would like to know, feel free to get back in touch with me.


My name is ashley and i am Vondas Great Neice. Vonda is still living and if anyone is wondering why vonda may have done this, from what i have heard from family stories (i was not alive when this happened) My great uncle ray, vondas husband, was a very very mean man, so much so that there was not even a memorial service held for him by our family and vonda was never cast out by our family either. I believe this in itself says something about the man that ray must have been.


Thank you for your note, Ashley. I am glad you took the time. I have heard the same thing from others. It makes a lot of sense, because her punishment was on the light side. Today she might not have been punished at all, who knows.


Hello. My name is Nathaniel Mullenax. Vonda Mullenax is my Granmother. I just wanted to say that she is a very loving Granmother. Some people are push in to doing thing because they think it is the olny way out. Alot has changed since 1966. If you have any question feel free to ask.


I am Vonda Mullenax's landlord and she has never missed a rent payment. Vonda lives on a limited income, but she Always makes sure all her billls are paid. My wife and I couldn't have a nicer renter.


When I lived at my parents house I can see the infamous "Mullenax House" and I grew up hearing the stories, and just as Ashley has said, Ray was a mean and from what I heard abusive man...


vonda is my boyfriends grandmother and he has heard stories about what happenened but he never new that his father had so many siblings and he was wondering what there names are and whatever happened to all of them .

Michelle Joseph

Laura James,
Is there some information you can tell me about where you found the story of Vonda J Mullenax I am from Terra Alta WV and would love to beable to better understand the whole story behind Vonda J Mullenax and the killing of her husband my mother once wnet to hteir farm to see about some free kittens and said he had a cruel look in his eyes that made her want to get away from him as soon as possible. She also said Mr. Mullenax would bring home other men and have his wife take care of them if you know what I mean. i think it would be great if someone could interview her and tell her story in a book then donate part of the proceeds to domestic violence prevention. How about you Laura ?? Thanks Michelle

Paula Holyfield Collins

I googled Vonda Jean's name after searching for several years for one of her daughter's, Dorothy. Dorothy was a classmate of mine while her mother was incarcerated. She and I kept in contact for almost a year after we graduated from high school. I would like to get in touch with her, so if any of you who are related to Dorothy, know her whereabouts, please ask her to look me up on FB.

aion power leveling

we graduated from high school. I would like to get in touch with her, so if any of you who are related to Dorothy, know her whereabouts, please ask her to look me up on FB.

Brent Alan Woodall

Hi my name is Brent Woodall I was friends with her oldest son I beleive would be around my age can't remember his first name we lived pretty close together and went to school together. I've been in so many wrecks my head has had alot of trauma. If possible I would love to talk to him. I'm 56 now and can be reached on my cell phone at 540-660-4843 That is a Front Royal VA number. Call me anytime. Thanks.

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