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clive simmons

Very interesting article on one of my Greatest Heros...Well Done and Thankyou


Very interesting stuff. Was Lustgarten the model for the criminologist in the early '70s movie The Rocky Horror Picture Show?

Laura James

Why, you're right! Lustgarten was parodied in Rocky Horror.


Thanks for that link. I've always suspected that there had to be some kind of parody behind the RHPS criminologist, but I'd never heard before of Lustgarten.


Hello. Great site!

I am DESPERATELY trying to track down and get my grubby hands on any of EDGAR LUSTGARTEN'S BBC FAMOUS TRIALS SERIES audio books. I have two episodes of this: The Newcastle Train Murder and Death On The Crumbles.

I can only find the rest of them available as audio downloads, all sites routing me to I CANNOT USE!!! I want to, and I know this is an odd concept, actually purchase the actual audio book cds for actuality's sake!!

Anyhoo...if anyone can let me know how I can obtain these CDs, please post it!

Again, great site!

Raymond Collins

Lustgarten's famous voice was also used in song. In probably the strangest sample in music history, his reading of the bungalow murder in Death On The Crumbles was overlaid with a hypnotic song to create "Dead Eye's Opened." It was a 1980's dance track by The Severed Heads and was remixed again in 1994 to create a more contemporary dance song.

joe dickinson

i also would like to find audio books of the talks by edgar lustgarten criminology
and many famouse taials.


CorkyKneivel - I have been looking for ten years for these recordings and haven't found anything, other than
All I can add is : Good luck.

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