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Mark Hoskin

I admit I'm not a big reader of books,...and I'm a teacher so I feel a bit guilty about that....I read several newspapers a day, but just don't make time for many books. I did read Witch though and loved it. I just finished Glenn's second book, Fire in the Desert.....check them both out.

jane strauss

i have just finished reading glenn puit's book "witch". as i am a true crime afficionado and a very eclectic reader, for instance i can go from dostoyevsky to crime books and anything but science fiction, i found his book to be of so much interest to me that i could barely put it down to concentrate on work or daily living commitments. thanks so much for having written such a great true crime book. another reason for writing is when i finish a book i read about the author and of all things, i found that he lived and worked in my small city for a number of years. this blew my mind. my city is florence, sc and i have been here for 35 years and i have never come across an author such as he is that lived here in all my time here. this is a true coincidence and i just had to write to let everyone know that someone as talented as him could live in a small southern city or basically anywhere and keep the talent that they have. thanks very much.
jane strauss
florence, sc

Alex Steed

"and might have murdered her brother"

You mean the brother that authorities found in a mental institution in 2004?

Or which brother are you referring to?

Alan McGaughey

I am finishing the book up today or tomorrow. I have a very busy schedule being a High School Teacher of severely emotionally disturbed 9th - 12th graders, a sports coach and martial arts instructor. Well, I too have had a hard time putting this book down. I just keep saying, "one more chapter, one more chapter." I really appreciate the depth and detail Glenn goes into with this book. I feel I know, and pretty much understand the characters. This is one of the most fascinating reads I've had in a very long time. Glenn is a pro all the way. I don't feel the book demeaned anyone. As Glenn stated, "the facts are what they are," and the help tell an extremely strange story. Thank you sooooo much!

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