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Chris Barrus

The Beast of Gavaudan story was made into a pretty great (if not over the top) movie called The Brotherhood Of The Wolf. Worth seeking out. for the IMDB info.

Derek Brockis

I am always plesed to see informed comment on the 'La Bête' mystery. It deserves to be more widely known outside France.

I translated and published Pourcher's book of 1889 on the subject and am now studying his 'Memoires' of 1899, which gives the political ad religious background to the mystery.
Derek Brockis


I am french . I English learns has the school . my English is not superb .its fact fear nevertheless goodbye

.PS. si je fait des fautes prévenez-moi svp

J. M Rahimi

"...(This theory makes sense to me. I am reminded of a serial killer from Germany who unsuccessfully attempted to stage his murders of children as the work of a loup-garou.) "

Are you reffering here to Peter Stubbe, if not then to whom?


Actually, yes I was thinking of Peter Stubbe or Stumpp. Wikipedia has a few details:

Though I have seen references to other serial killers of the era who did similar things.

Derek Brockis

After nearly 20 years of translating and promotion work it is great to see that, thanks to the Internet, the Bête mystery is now well known world-wide and not only in France.

There is a long way still to go before she is as famous as Yeti, Bigfoot and Loch Ness but she will get there. Derek Brocks

Derek Brockis

Sometimes strange events occur which conjure up shadows of La Bête. Fpr example, 3 years ago a nurse riding on horseback was attacked and injured by a large pjg.This happened on Brockis Hill Road, a country location in Hampshire, England. The incident was witnessed and widely reported. Strangely, the pig was never caught Makes you think of the descriptions of La Bête as pig-like,doesn't it? Derek Brockis

Derek Brockis

Thanks to the Internet publicity given to the subject by CLEWS and similar organisations, La Bête has become much more known in English speaking countries.

For examples, she is now used for publicity purposes by hotels, a union, overseas travel compay, animal protection web design and others.

Keep up the good work and she will soon be as famous as Nessie and Bigfoot (and true) Derek Brockis

crime scene cleanup

Is the beast is just a myth or really real? I don't they exist in this world. But reading this great story is really interesting. It was amazing! thanks a lot.

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