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I've been able to access a few of Google's digitized collection, however many I cannot. My access is denied, apparently, because I have a foreign (non-American) ISP! It isn't the first time I've been denied access to US sites because I live in Holland, and it probably won't be the last. *sigh*

It's interesting that some of the books came from Pearson's private collection. And I agree that a price of 1.50 is shocking for what could be considered a collector's item! However, I'm sure you'll agree with me that at least these precious volumes were preserved for for future generations.

Caleb Crain

Hi. The bookseller is not guilty! No crime was inflicted on Edmund Pearson's library. If you look up the Trial of Madeleine Smith in the NYPL's online catalog, you'll see that Edmund Pearson's library was purchased by the library as a collection with money from the John Shaw Billings Memorial Fund. That $1.50 is no doubt what Pearson himself paid for the book when he bought it.


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