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Mehak Malhotra


How are you doing?

I thought to share some of my views on Women crimes with you to know what is that you feel about it.

Crime against women projects alarming heights. Do you agree - Death Penalty as punishment in rape cases would be an effective step towards protection of women through law? Or do we need to review the judicial proceedings or give more stringent punishments to stop crime against women? Will women ever feel safe & secure even when moving alone? What do you think should be done to achieve this? Say me something on

There is an alarming rise in atrocities of women today, in terms of rapes, assaults and dowry-related murders; female infanticide and sex-selective abortions are the additional forms that reflect the devaluing of females. The situation is so worse these days that there are at least two rapes every hour. The females’ today need more security, and providing this security is in the hands of our police. But there’s a question again, “Are women safe under police protection?”, because men in uniform, very often come in news for these very wrong reasons!

As we know, punishment is a way to teach people; our constitution, U/S 376 of the I.P.C, imposes a 7-year sentence extendable to life imprisonment for this. But suspensions from services, court trails and prison terms have not been conducive enough to stop men from harassing and harming women. So, some suggest that capital punishment is the only adequate penalty which will prove effective, at least a few of the criminals would get punished and many others discouraged then, in turn lessening these crimes. But others opine, “Violence cannot be removed by violence.”

Mehak Malhotra.

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