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Oh, yes, Helen Jewett... I have to wonder about the integrity of the journalists in that case. One of them whose name escapes me at the moment was allowed to view the body in situ; he wrote about her alabaster flesh, her beauty, when we all know he was really viewing a charred mutilated corpse. But hey, I guess the necrophiliac angle really sold copy!


Definitely interesting.Looking foreward to reading more on this.


The other connected phenomenon that I've noticed is what might be termed "attractiveness inflation".

Many times I've read articles about female victims (or murderers) who are described as "beautiful" or "gorgeous"; then I see pictures and my reaction is "Well, she's not bad, but ..."

Such things are subjective, of course, but it seems journalists feel a need to hype their stories by turning every woman who is not full-scale ugly into Cleopatra.


There was definitely "attractiveness inflation" in the era before photographs were printed in newspapers!

I often see women described as "stunning blondes" and find their pictures and they're far from either!

In fact, a suspicious number of 19th century murderesses seem to be blonde...

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