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You know... I watched this, and really wish I hadn't. I mean, how could she NOT have seen that coming?

Dark Side Steve

Nice. Wish more folks with your legal savvy would parse Nancy's silliness like this.


*Slaps hand to forehead* Gosh that Nancy Grace! She's always on top of such things. I'll have to 'fuss' at my sister, who's a radio personality in VA, about leaving Clear Channel again. NOT!

PS: (Laura, you're always the best in my 'book'.)


Well done. Well done indeed- she deserves it her reputation has even reached us in Britain as an idiot par example so she deserves every moment.


I just about died laughing. Having worked for (been enslaved by) the company in question, no lapse of integrity surprises me. Too bad Nancy didn't do her homework.

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