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"Dr. Lee drinks water that's been colored red and spits it out of his mouth in front of jurors"

LOL...perhaps he saw one to many KISS concerts? Long live Gene Simmons ::snort::


i suppose to ignore but it's so deep situation i just ask personal lawyer...


Dr. Lee may be a television, court-room personality but in MY book he's a best and crooked at worst. And anyone who argues the point need only have watched the Lana/Phil Spector trial...where Lee was accused of hiding evidence ie;tooth from police and investigators by a witness that was present and saw him slip it, into an envelope and then stick it in his pocket...later at the trial, Lee denied he ever did that.

I think he has gotten so "big" that he believes his own hype of how invinciable and "loved" he is, thus his jobs are compromised by his self-glorificating behavior on court stands.

I think Dr. Lee himself, needs investigated and double-checked to make sure he's doing HIS job correctly. He is NOT infalliable!

As for Father Robinson, it's time the people took to the streets in protests and showed their support, not necessarily for an "innocent" man or even a "guilty man trying to play innocent" but for JUSTICE.

The DNA should be foremost and forefront and above all, in efforts to determine who it belongs too.....and clearly it does NOT belong to Father the People Of Ohio should feel shame at the corrupted way this case is being handled and step up to the plate, whatever the religion, and demand JUSTICE....BECAUSE TODAY IT'S FATHER ROBINSON, TOMORROW IT MAY BE ONE OF THEM.

Justice delayed is Justice denied.

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