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"No one will buy the house where that immature coward betrayed Laci Peterson, according to The Modesto Bee:..."

No one? Gerry Roberts bought it! For MORE than the asking price. I have to wonder what financial boon Gerry expected to reap with this piece of "Murderabilia." Oh well. Tough luck, Gerry.

Knife found: Murder weapon or plant?
Stained blade uncovered in cabinet at Peterson home; police skeptical

Last Updated: July 12, 2005, 05:59:13 AM PDT

"Police questioned whether the knife recently had been planted in a dirty cabinet, only days after a tabloid magazine published rumors that Laci Peterson's throat was slit.

Gerry Roberts, who bought the house at 523 Covena Ave. on July 1, said Monday, "You could tell there had been liquid on the blade" and described a "red stain on the handle."

"Whether it's barbecue sauce," Roberts said, "I don't know."

But detectives saw "no obvious signs of blood or tissue on the knife," police spokesman Rick Applegate said Monday.
The friend was searching for an outlet in a cabinet void where the Petersons kept a small refrigerator, Roberts said, and put his hand on the floor in a corner apparently obscured from sight.

Police believe knife planted
Roberts, 54, a Modesto real estate agent, paid $390,000 for the three-bedroom, two-bath cottage-bungalow, or $10,000 more than the asking price. The sale was completed earlier this month. He said he plans to live there with an adult daughter after renovating the home."

A Voice of Sanity

"Photos from the Peterson Case No one will buy the house where that immature coward betrayed Laci Peterson, according to The Modesto Bee: Sale of Former Peterson House Fizzles. The link includes a slide show of the murder house."

Say what? No one has identified this as the "murder house". In fact it is highly likely she was assaulted in the Medina home - in the small bedroom, the only room in the house that showed signs of a struggle.

As for "betrayed Laci Peterson" whatever that was it was presumably done in hotels or at Frey's home.

No signs of crime were found in the Peterson home - even the FBI failed to find a trace of evidence.

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