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Bryan Joshlin

I want to join the kkk

Bryan Joshlin

how to join the kkk in mississippi

jon crabtree

ibelieve we need to save the white race.and keep are heritage i want to join the fight to save are race.

Kevin M. Sullivan

Jon Crabtree: That would be "save OUR race" not "save ARE race". You'll never be a socially acceptable and dignified racist speaking that way. Say, where did you and Mr. Joshlin do your undergraduate work?

Jason Hughes

Where can i join the kkk in mississippi.We need to save the white race.Pleace send app


i want to join the kkk how do i join

Kevin M. Sullivan

Well, Robert, the first thing you must do , is find the tallest building in your city. Take the elevator up to the top floor (the roof is preferable) and find a really good spot to look down. Now, if you don't see the white sheets and hoods, never fear, they're down there! Now, take a deep breath, and jump! Don't worry, they will be able to catch you. This way all of society will understand what you were trying to do...

Good luck, and God's speed; and lots of it!

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