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Corey Mitchell

I couldn't agree with you more about CourtMTV. I busted on them in my book, EVIL EYES, when they decided to preempt the Coral Eugene Watts serial killer trial for wall-to-wall coverage of the Scott Peterson jury deliberation for several days. So, instead of hearing testimony from young women who heroically survived attacks by our country's most notorious serial killer, we were blessed with hours of what the jury members "might be thinking" in a sad, but ultimately, overblown case.

I refuse to kiss CourtTV's ass.

Corey Mitchell


I'm assuming that the female bounty hunters are in a hot climate so that they can do their hunting minimally encumbered by clothing?

Corey Mitchell

Here is a good supplement to this story in regard to stagnant advertising dollars despite higher ratings.

A Voice of Sanity

The very least they could do with the new format is re-run "Partners in Crime" (1984) with Loni Anderson and Lynda Carter. If we're going to watch eye candy . . . . .

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