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I am completely bummed. Once again, Google punishes Europeans by denying non-U.S. ISP's access to their free books. Boo!

Steve Huff

Man, I couldn't believe that book was sitting there, full-view, available for download. I trawled through the contents and knew it was a gold mine. It is now on my virtual bookshelf in .pdf format. I particularly liked that it was a respected former cop who compiled the thing. Think about how much work that must have been for the man 100 years ago. He culled many of the stories, by his own account, from police reports, including crimes from other parts of the U.S. Combine CELEBRATED CRIMINAL CASES with judicious searching of, and you've got a truly remarkable online set of resources to do some historic true crime blogging with.

Thanks for the new plug. I'm getting my history on for reasons you know about, and I must admit it can truly be addictive.


Steve, I will love you forever if you can send me a copy of that .pdf file. Contact me? Pretty please?

Steve Huff

Nene -- go to and click on the e-mail link on the top right side of the page. E-mail me via that link, and I'll send the .pdf back with my reply.


I've spent two lovely weekends reading this gem! Thanks for the tip!!

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