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Steve Huff

I have to say that after seeing the coverage that was already being afforded this new and more gruesome version of the Scott/Laci Peterson story, I decided to not write anything about it. And I'm glad, because as terrible as the story is -- and it's one of the worst of its kind -- there are other, similar, less cinematic crime stories happening every week that don't get that sort of coverage. I've fallen prey to the media frenzy thing before and may again, but not this time.


George Orwell wrote an essay on English domestic crime in which he identified the key ingredient of fascination in a really "good" murder -- a sensational crime whose grip on the public imagination lasts for months -- to be the murderer's perceived struggle between love (or money) and the desperate need to preserve his or her front of bourgeois respectability. Since the obsession with maintaining middle-class respectability has declined considerably since his time, perhaps a parallel essay could be written today that describes the key element of a truly "good" murder to be the beauty of one of the participants: victim, murderer or accomplice.

Robert A. Waters

Domestic murders are my least favorite. In fact, I rarely read true crime books about these kinds of murders unless there's some kind of alternative hook. I also think cops are quick to blame spouses because it's easier than tracking down a random killer. (I know the statistics say spouses are usually guilty, but sometimes there are convicted with little evidence.) The Tara Grant case really doesn't appeal to me on any level.


"Domestic" murders, interesting!
And who writes of these cases? Ann Rule, Diane Fanning. You guys make me wonder if they're a girl thing.


A "girl thing?" Could be Laura. Could it be that women may identify with the victim of domestic violence easier than men? For as much as I know about myself, and how there are certain behaviors I would NEVER put up with, there but for the grace of God, kwim? When you see domestic violence that ends in murder like this case, Laci Peterson, Michelle Young (come on, you KNOW the husband is guilty as sin, from the outside, these could be your own marriage.

And thank you for reminding the reporter that this IS a domestic violence case. And it SHOULD be treated like any other felony murder.

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