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Very interesting, can you post/email me some of the photos taken? Not interested in selling at all?


Kevin M. Sullivan

Hi Adam--

I have no plans to sell the Bundy bag I received from Jerry Thompson; I'm sure once I depart this life, (very far in the future, I hope), my kids will have it on ebay before I'm cold. Ha,ha!

There is a very good picture of the items in Bob Keppel's book: "The Riverman: Ted Bundy and I Hunt for the Green River Killer". Bob received a copy of the photo from the Salt Lake County Sheriffs Dept. years ago but has never seen the actual items. Because he was kind enough to help me with my research on a book that I'm writing about Ted, I sent him a copy of the article and some of the photos that didn't appear in the original piece.

I also sent Laura a good number of the photos when I sent her some other material, so I don't know if she has any plans to post those Bundy pictures in the future; but if not, I can email you some directly. I don't want to get something going here, where hordes of folks are requesting copies of the photos, 'cause I just don't have the time to deal with it. But if Laura has no plans to do it, than I will send them along to you.

I'm glad you enjoyed the article.



Wow this was a very interesting read! That must have been so surreal but also kind of odd how these very common items have become something totally different.
Now I know you said you didn't have the time to deal with people asking about the photos but.. would you be willing to send me some by email? I'd be really interested in seeing them! krovvydripdripdrip (at

Kevin M. Sullivan


Go to the website Executed Today. Then, in the "select month" box type in January 2009. Then, click on the 24th of that month in the little calendar in the upper right corner, and it will take you to an interview they did with me on that date, complete with photos.

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