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I agree with you. It's an insult to see this claims printed. No one researches anything these days. Look at all of the 'journalists' who have been fired for reporting fake news in the recent past. I don't trust anything that is reported any more. Look at the photographer from Toledo who was fired for submitting fake photos to the Blade.

I can't even trust newspapers to print an undoctored photo.

Nobody cares about history. Nobody pays any mind to consequences. We live in the now. All the past was good for was to get us to this moment in time.

Jean Murley

Even the criminologists are fuzzing up the facts--check out James Alan Fox's piece in the New York Post on Wednesday April 18. He gives in to the mass media hype and identifies some "reasons" why such crimes are more "common" now, consisting of completely unsubstantiated and vague statistics about how our society is increasingly alienating and competitive. Utterly ridiculous, and disturbing considering his position as a professor at Northeastern University, and as somebody who really ought to know better.

Corey Mitchell

I find Cal State Fullerton's THE DAILY TITAN's inclusion disturbing as they suffered from their own school shooting by Edward Allaway whom I wrote about in HOLLYWOOD DEATH SCENES. You would assume that the "journalist" from that school would have done her homework.

Jeffrey Bloomfield

You could have added the sacking of Lawrence, Kansas by William Quantrill and his raiders in August 1863 where over 100 men and boys were killed. Also the grisly attack on Union troops at Emporia, Kansas (I think that is where it was) by Bloody Bill Anderson and raiders in 1864 - most of the troops were actually musicians for Union army bands. The mutilations involved make it really worse than it was (if that is possible). There was (in the 20th Century) the Preparedness Day bombing of 1916 in San Francisco, and the Wall Street bombing in 1920 (the first of four lower Manhattan terrorist events) that had large loss of life (and I forgot the Haymarket Square Bombing in 1886, not to mention it's judicial lynching aftermath). I think the shock of the school shootings was that school students were behind them. Small comfort for that reason.

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