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Great, thanks for telling us, Laura. Ann's often said she really dislikes serial murder and gory ones, and she won't write about any more serial killers or blood thirsty books, and I don't blame her! Who wants to be immersed in that for years on end like she had to be with "The Stranger Beside Me" and " Green River Running Red" - the last was difficult enough to read, it must have been hell to write it.

Anne Brewbaker

The worst serial killer true crime story that I have read is the Gainesville Ripper by the talented Mary Ryzuk. The gore and bloody mess were well described. But I think that the deliberate murder of babies and little children is by far more haunting, more disturbing than mere killings by the numbers. The psychological reaction is overwhelming. It is more difficult to overcome than the revulsion caused by the graphic details of a gory story. Children are so precious and they don't have any rights. Ann Rule's stories are captivating, riveting not just plain gory. They mostly exhibit the abnormal nature of human behavior. Ann is indeed the ruling queen in this field. I treasure her works.
Anne Brewbaker - Dallas, TX

Anne Brewbaker

To Laura James.
Thank you Laura for your message.It was welcome and very appreciated. Ladies like you keep the past--far or recent--alive. This is a wonderful undertaking.
Yes Ann Rule is quite unique. I cannot express the enjoyment and the anger I feel when I read her books. Her style is so classy but the tales of abuse and murder make me lose my "cool" because I cannot stop neither.
Only Ann Rule can do that to a psyche, and this is no small accomplishment.
Laura your true crime blog is genial.!
Anne Brewbaker.

katrina anntoinette t. manicad

hi ms.ann...m ur biGGEST fan here n d philippines...i got a lot of ur books from hours of digging from booksales..i really admire u!i hope i get to complete all ur books,i have 22 as of now june 16,2009.and i wish i can meet u in person r u planning to go here in the phil?..i really love to have ur authograph in every single book i have..I'm a mother of 3 ages 14,9 & 2..they know also my collection they love u too.please find time to read this..GOD BLESS U always...i love you..tnx...

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