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Fools Gold

Crime broadsides in New England.

Often our popular assumptions are a far cry from the truth.

Just as the degree of violence in the South is thought to have been high but pales in comparison with that aboard US ships or in New England so too is there a great difference between our assumptions about crime and punishment in the North versus the South.

Life on rural plantations in the South was in many respects far more pleasant than life in isolated New England villages. The violence of and towards Negroes in the South was far less than the violence of and towards Negroes and Indentured Servants in New England.

It is not just crime broadsides that reflected societal values, even the broadsides of the battles of Lexington and Concord gave two lines to each Negro killed rather than the one line to each White man killed since White men would be listed as "Mr. John Smith" but a Negro man would be listed as "John Smith, a man of color".

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