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Corey Mitchell

in re: "Crime Diners" - Here are a few more true crime-related cookbooks.

-CAT AND MOUSE: MIND GAMES WITH A SERIAL KILLER by Brian Lane about Riverside, CA prostitute killer William Suff. Lane includes Suff's recipe book, "Bill's Vittles and Fixin's."

-COOKING WITH A SERIAL KILLER: RECIPES FROM DOROTHEA PUENTE by Shane Bugbee is pretty self-explanatory.

-LAST SUPPERS: FAMOUS FINAL MEALS FROM DEATH ROW by Ty Treadwell and Michelle Vernon which contains lists of last meals requested by death row prisoners as well as some recipes.

-MEALS TO DIE FOR by Brian Price, a former Texas death row chef, who shares his final meal recipes. Here is a CBS news article on Price:

Bon appetit!


Florence Maybrick was innocent!

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