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Deanie Mills

Guys, just wanted to give you a head's-up that my book, FACES OF EVIL, Kidnappers, Murderers,Rapists and the Woman Who Helps Put Them Behind Bars, which I co-authored with Houston P.D. forensic sketch artist Lois Gibson, is now available in paperback at and at Barnes & Noble.

I appreciate the plug given earlier when I wrote a TPM Cafe blog about ghost-writing and how it applied to the Petraeus report.

FACES is a fascinating look, not just at an extraordinary and talented artist, but at a number of high-profile cases she helped solve. Lois Gibson took a horrific sexual assault that happened to her as a young woman and used it to empower her work and enable her to coax out the worst from crime victims. Her work has been spotlighted on Dateline, NBC, and she's been tapped by the F.B.I. and America's Most Wanted. We know of at least 1,000 bad guys Lois helped catch. It's an engrossing read. Hope you guys enjoy it.

Yours in crime,
Deanie Mills

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