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Laura -

Some updates on the cases involving Robinson . . .

As I said before, if Robinson's new defense team goes after the secret files at the diocese -- I'd reconsider Robinson's guilt.


Prosecutorial abuse (and arrogance) doesn't appear to be limited to Durham, North Carolina, does it?


my friend was forced into his cult as a child. as a result she has multiple personalities. i don't know anything about the trial--there might not have been enough evidence to convict. i just wanted to say this.


Oral arguments are this week (March 17) at the Sixth District Court of Appeals. Robinson's new legal eagles are asking for a new trial based on what they are calling new evidence ... the person who says that they heard Fr. Swiatecki admit to killing the nun. Personally, I don't think it will go any where. Swiatecki had an airtight alibi confirmed by even Ass't Chief Deputy Ray Vetter who in the trial was accused by the original detectives on the case and the current prosecution as shielding Robinson from prosecution over 20 years ago.

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